Verka –  by positioning the company as an innovative brand among ecclesiastical insurance groups, we helped Verka raise awareness of its company pension scheme and open it up to the secular market. The pioneers of social, ecological and economic responsibility and their groundbreaking product ideas embraced an interesting mixture of values. Identifying then delivering customer needs in the area of conflicting priorities between the ecclesiastical and secular markets played a key role in building this emotional brand identity.

It is absolutely essential for the specialist insurer to communicate data and facts in a manner that is comprehensible and appropriate. We created targeted visualisations to make complex information easy to understand. When modified in form and tonality to the different media, images - just like texts - ensure clarity and impact and simultaneously convey the company's values.

Inspirational collaboration that delights every stakeholder!

Whether around a table or in a video conference ;-) 

You can read (in German) about how we helped Verka escape the niche market with sustainable values development here