Strategic brand development.

Achieve refined positioning in five steps with our values development method, a useful tool to systematically explore your corporate identity, brand and culture.

Stage 1 – Prepare

The core values and needs of companies and teams are mostly inherent but not necessarily obvious. To reveal them, we start by taking a look at the status quo. We call this stage "Prepare". Here we show you how to identify and uncover the existing values, attitudes and mindsets so we can focus on them constructively in the ensuing stages.


Stage 2 – Talk

In this stage we begin with the status quo, gradually moving closer to the values we actually live by and seeing how they tie in with the experiences of our clients and partners. Working with multiple methods of discussion and interaction, we hone in on the shifting perspective and the realisation that values are more than just words on a page.


Stage 3 – Play

Building on the values defined in the previous stage, we now start to playfully develop new ideas. In engaged conversation, we construct images of the common future and bring the values to life. We look with open minds in every direction and use our imagination and creativity to generate new and convincing ideas.


Stage 4 – Create

The objective of the "Create" stage is to identify areas where the values can be established and brought to life. Ultimately, the aim is to make the values a reality. We use different methods to highlight abstract ideas and complex issues and translate them into concrete actions and development goals.


Stage 5 – Feel

The "Feel" stage is all about breathing life into values, because this is often what is lacking in the lived experience. No matter how good a value is, if it is not felt, it fades away and becomes obsolete. We work to counteract this. From a small step to a giant leap - there are many ways we can give values the room they need to grow and to make them an integral part of life at work.


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