WOLFF & MÜLLER has been planning and building structures for the requirements of tomorrow for three generations. Today, the holistic construction service provider is one of the leading privately owned construction companies - with locations throughout Germany, its own raw material extraction and complementary construction-related services.

The new WOLFF & MÜLLER WORLD on the campus in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen invites visitors to get to know this diversity. The values of the family-owned company can be experienced interactively and with all the senses: Effective. Partnership. Innovative.

The WOLFF & MÜLLER Group is presented in a media and interactive way at six theme stations:

01 | Foyer
Visitors are welcomed with impressions of the present and the past.

02 | Petersburg Hanging
Nine monitors, eight display cases, nine prints and an interactive hypebox show projects, references, building materials or tangible exhibits from all service areas.

03 | EPI Room
The spatial installation makes the WOLFF & MÜLLER value principle "Effective - Partnership - Innovative" tangible.

04 | 3D Printer
As a metaphor for the progress of the construction projects, miniatures of the projects are continuously printed here.

05 | Media table
On the media table in the lounge, TUIs can be used to intuitively navigate through the topics of services, history, locations, digitization, sustainability, foundation and current events.

06 | Awards
The most important awards the company has received recently.

Astrid Paul, Creative Director: 

The WOLLF & MÜLLER WORLD was my most extensive and exciting project to date!

We were able to bring in the different skills of all the shorties in an ideal way: Workshop conception and moderation, content creation, 3D modeling, programming, design, animation, video production and model making bring W&M to life in the area of tension between tradition and innovation. And the great thing about it - everything is ready to be updated at any time.

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