Shaping culture with values

A strong and healthy corporate culture can significantly enhance the success of a brand. It also impacts the power to innovate as well as employer attractiveness and is crucial to the development of agile and co-creative processes. 

Values are the compass that helps us navigate our development journey. Find out how we systematically explore corporate identity in five steps (in German): 
Check out the power of values with our intuitive values test (in German):  Werte-Test

Mindset determines the opportunities for action open to us based on our values. More info on
Our Quick-Check (in German) provides a playful introduction to the topic of mindsets.

We are continuously evolving these methods to push forward targeted and tailor-made cultural development that involves every stakeholder. For an empowered, agile and co-creative future.


Team development

Positive reference experiences generate a richer sense of team spirit. Getting everyone involved in discovering common strengths and potentials is the first step towards the "we". Learning to appreciate colleagues, personal successes and challenges heightens and strengthens awareness of core values and identity.


Leadership culture

Leadership is embedded in corporate culture and plays a key role in its development. Expanding the mindsets of both managers and employees opens up new perspectives for the entire organisation. With our six mindset model we can offer a wide range of formats for the development of teams and organisations.
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Our posters inspire the conversation

Our posters provide inspiration for a constructive conversation on positioning, corporate culture and leadership.