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Workshops, seminars, keynote lectures and clinics. Addressing key issues of transformational change.

We offer a wide range of courses that tackle the key challenges facing business leadership – from Design Thinking to Employer Branding.


Engaging and real-world compatible. For the benefit of your marketing and your company culture. Courses are customised to fit specific individual needs and conducted online or at a location of your choice.

Help take your corporate culture and brand management skills to the next level by taking part in our open seminars. Come and enjoy inspiring conversations with employees from other companies, online or in the creative atmosphere of our loft premises in the Sarotti-Höfe in Berlin Kreuzberg. 

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Marketing & corporate culture: Our experts

We love to share our knowledge and expertise. At management conferences, congresses, association meetings or on your own premises. We provide inspiration for the future-proof design of leadership and corporate culture as well as in other pivotal areas such as brand strategy and employer attractiveness. Engaging in spirited discourse with the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as business and management circles like Co-Create and EO keeps us up to date and in the know.


Martin Permantier is founder and CEO of short cuts and has been supporting businesses with their strategic alignment and positioning for over 20 years. Combining entrepreneurial experience and insight with sound science, he develops workable solutions for brand, corporate culture and leadership strategies. His 2019 book “Mindset Matters: Shaping Leadership and Corporate Culture for the Future” introduces the six mindset model, on which he also runs courses and gives talks.

Britta Korpas has that Midas touch when it comes to identity. Getting to the heart of corporate identities and developing clear brand mission statements is what she does best. She designs corporate brands with a systemic view of organisations and an awareness of the relationship between culture and external image. Helping to create new connections and new-found pride in individual performance gives her great satisfaction.

Daniel Bischoff's primary objective is to understand where a company stands and pinpoint its exact needs. He has a talent for revealing relevant and previously hidden issues and integrating them into the process. Opening people's eyes to the direction, based on values, a company’s journey might take using its specific strengths and positioning is his forte. He loves being the protagonist who sets brand and corporate development in motion.

We love sharing our insights.

Our books and games are a great way to get involved. They show how our strategic approaches can be put into practice.