4 Turnschuhe + 1 Panda

Welcome Solongo, Volker, Marie & Richard! 
Welcome back Nancy und Lucas! 

With her strong illustration skills, Solongo is a very welcome addition to our design team. Volker is our web developer team's latest valuable asset. 

Marie has been on board as a trainee media designer since November 2020, and Richard as a student trainee since March 2020. Studying wasn't his thing, but it seems we are. We're a bit late in welcoming them...  *cough ahem*. Actually, we can no longer imagine SHORT CUTS without Mariechard. 

Nancy is fresh back from maternity leave and can now count on the support of little Matilda, who is forthwith also an honorary member of Team Turnschuh. Lucas successfully completed his apprenticeship with us in August 2021, then travelled the world before rejoining as a trainee student in December 2021. 

We're absolutely delighted to have you all here - keep on rocking!