Tap into the power of values (in English too on request)

Values work on the intuitive and emotional levels. They generate benefits in two key areas: addressing your customers and developing your corporate culture. Our values development method systematically harnesses this potential. The two-day workshop is a practical introduction to how you can put the power of values to good use for your brand and company.

1. Prepare: Determining the status quo. Formulated, lived and externally perceived values.

2. Talk: Focussing on the target groups, we interactively address the values from multiple perspectives.

3. Play: Playfully and often with surprising insights we come up with new ideas that build on the predefined values.

4. Create: From abstract ideas to implementable measures and attractive goals, making the values become tangible.

5. Feel: From a small step to a big change: many possibilities to give values the space to thrive in everyday life.

Thursday 16 & Friday 17 November in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

We accompany you throughout the process

Hello. We are Britta Korpas, Daniel Bischoff and Markus Kocherscheidt.
We design & conduct workshops on a wide range of issues related to brand and corporate identity. 
Our systemic view of lived values helps us develop design & marketing concepts for and with companies and support teams in developing their culture.
Discovering new insights and capturing new ideas together is something we just love doing.

The format: A two-day workshop (Thur 10-6 Uhr & Fri 10-4) including a tasty lunch on our new premises next to Viktoriapark in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The price: 1,176.47 € per person plus VAT  – gross 1,400 €

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