Tap into the power of values (in English too on request)

Values work on the intuitive and emotional levels. They benefit communication with both your customers and your future employees. Our values development method systematically harnesses this potential. The two-day workshop is a practical introduction to how you can put the power of values to good use for your brand and company.

1. Prepare: Determining the status quo. Formulated, practised and externally perceived values.

2. Talk: Focussing on the target audience, we take an interactive & detailed look at the identified values.

3. Play: Playfully and often with surprising insights we come up with new ideas that reinforce the previously defined values.

4. Create: From abstract ideas to implementable measures and attractive goals, making the values tangible.

5. Feel: From small steps to big ideas: many ways to give values the space to evolve in everyday life.

Thursday 16 & Friday 17 November in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

We accompany you throughout the process

Hello. We are Britta Korpas, Daniel Bischoff and Markus Kocherscheidt.
We design & conduct workshops on a wide range of issues related to brand and corporate identity. 
Our systemic view of practised values helps us develop design & marketing concepts for and with companies and to support teams in growing their culture.
Discovering new insights and capturing new ideas together is something we just love doing.

The format: A two-day workshop (Thur 10-6 Uhr & Fri 10-4) including a tasty lunch on our new premises next to Viktoriapark in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The price: 1,176.47 € per person plus VAT  – gross 1,400 €

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