Sustainability in the SME sector

Three sectors - three perspectives

At a time when climate change and resource scarcity represent key challenges for society and the global economy, businesses of all sizes are focussing on the issue of sustainability. For SMEs in particular, which traditionally play a key role in the economy of many countries, integrating sustainability principles is both a challenge and an opportunity. These range from optimising resource efficiency and minimising environmental impact to ensuring long-term competitiveness through adapted business models.

This event will attempt to shed light on the challenges and opportunities of implementing a long-term sustainability strategy from the perspectives of the display/packaging industry, the porcelain stoneware industry and the energy supply sector. You are cordially invited to engage in this cross-industry dialogue with experts from Schoepe Display GmbH, Porcelaingres GmbH and BTB Berlin GmbH sharing their insights. 

Join us on Tuesday, 9 April from 6 pm. Make valuable contacts and discuss with other SMEs how sustainability can be integrated into business models.

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Craft beer & snacks provided!