Develop strategy, brand and culture with values

In our new book, published in April 2021, we connect theory with practice and share our many years of experience in developing corporate strategy, design and culture. A bit of whimsy doesn't go amiss here, and the book's vibrant and imaginative illustrations help make it an easy and interesting read.

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Who the book is aimed at

If you are interested in how you can use values to make a lasting impact on your company's brand, strategy and culture, this book is just the tool to help you do it.

What the book is about

Werte wirken (Values work) describes how you can make values work for you and your company. The systematic approach to values development allows real treasures to be unearthed. We show you how shared core values can be identified and enhanced. If values are experienced as reality, their power can be unleashed in three ways: in the strategic positioning of a brand, in visual communication and in the culture of a company.

How the idea behind the book came about

"Werte wirken" (Values work) came about because we realised we belong to a movement that works together to drive business development forward and want to share our knowledge and experience. 

A distinct and attractive corporate identity is absolutely crucial today, for employees and prospective employees as well as for customers. This is why we have been using values to work on the strategic design, communication and positioning of companies since 2012. Over the past few years, companies have witnessed a trend towards the use of cooperative strategies. Lived values can give a clear sense of direction here - not just for teams but also to aid cooperation across locations or organisational units. Because a corporate culture in which core values are experienced first hand is like having an additional leader.

What makes the book special

Werte wirken (Values work) makes our strategic and tried-and-tested approach applicable in the real world. It comes with many practical examples and is structured to make skim reading easy. We want the vibrant illustrations to awaken your creative potential. The book should be an inspiration and always a joy to browse through.

We want our readers to get involved, so we also provide extensive working material to download with the book.

The response we hope to get from the book

With Werte wirken (Values work) we want to show you the power of values and how you can tap into this potential. We want to get people to take corporate development into their own hands - regardless of their role. We want to see people go on a journey of discovery and tell us how they have created added value for products and services and brought about change in their culture.

Why the book has so many illustrations

Values work on the intuitive and emotional level, as do illustrations. A picture says more than a thousand words. Images make emotional aspects visible and able to be openly discussed. Only then is it possible to build a foundation for a common understanding of values. And of course we also want to motivate people to get involved themselves.